Oct 17, 2016

Recertified as Certified Professional Photographer

     They say time flies when you are having fun, and we often don’t realize how much fun we have until we look at timelines. The previous “news” post was 2012 announcing my Professional Photographers of America  (PPA) recertification as a “Certified Professional Photographer” (CPP). Well, it’s time for that again. I became a CPP in 1986, and was only the 47th photographer in the state of Pennsylvania to do so.

    I had to pass a basic knowledge test of the profession, submit 10 prints to be judged for competency,  and achieve passable scores. To maintain this status, PPA requires a certain amount of continuing education or one has to take the exam again and resubmit images to be judged by a panel.

  Contining education has become a way of life....and it should be. Excelling in your chosen craft, especially in this highly technical day and age -- much like your camera and computer -- requires a “regular upgrade to your system!”

    Every year I attend and participate in (an important notation here) at least 5 two-day seminars, 6 evening programs and occasionally a national level program somewhere in between. For a dozen years, I participated in an in-depth week long workshop with one of the best instructors in the business. More recently, I attended three more of those in the past three years.

   In 2016, when I recertify, I will do so for the SIXTH time. I have been a CPP for 30 years. Since I started in business part time, it has been 40 years of of photography. I can’t even count the number of images I created. One year, many years ago, my lab at the time (thanks to computers) kept track of how many 4x5 preview prints I had ordered. Just prior to becoming a CPP I hit 10,000 in a single year. Using at least my third digital camera I discovered that I had made 100,000 exposures on one camera and 50,000 on another. I have two newer cameras since then!